Fine Art

After more than 50 years of making portraits, Phillip Stewart Charis (M. Photog., Cr. F-ASP)
is pleased to present his continued and masterful exploration into this genre
with a ground-breaking new body of work. The Immigrants features black and white portraits
that offer a truly novel perspective on photographic portraiture and
boldly examines the current face of America.

In this series, Mr. Charis presents an elegant and powerful extension
of the photographic concerns that have been the catalyst for all his previous work.
The portraits are artful documents that offer intimate explorations of a demographic that,
in our day and age, is typically invisible. The conflicted expressions on their faces
evidences the struggles to find pride and dignity in a post 9-11 society that is apprehensive
to embrace otherness. At the same time, these people are the faces of America today.
They are the culmination and embodiment of a difficult history of colonization,
cultural exchange, and the fostering of the global village.

Micol Herbon M.F.A.,
Writer & Artist

Portfolio of six images, in an edition of nine, available for sale, call for price.


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