About the Artist

All fine portraits have the immediately arresting
aspect of the artist's skill, but there is another
which is always present and equally important.

This is the tone, the atmosphere, which is the artist's
very own and it conditions everything he does.
The Charis atmosphere is like a signature...
the mood, the style, the very rhythm,
reminds you of elegance in the grand manner.
There is an eagerness for life, the immediate moment
and the memories behind it
that suddenly become most important.
This is the moment we must capture,
and the time is now.

Phillip Stewart Charis, M. Photog., Cr. F-ASP, was a creative adventurer
who had explored one of the most difficult disciplines in the world -
formal photographic portraiture that challenges fine-art painting.
Anyone examining Charis' photographic 'canvases' will marvel at his work.
These life-size portraits bespeak of a long study in classical paintings.
The observant eye can discern a touch of Reynolds and flavor of Sargent in his images.

Charis wrote, "Portrait photographers can create recognizable, distinct styles that can be
consistently repeated. They also must produce portraits that clients recognize as
high artistic value, which permits consumer acceptance and established price,
required to produce a finished portrait at that level of excellence."


Phillip Stewart Charis deserves elaboration.
His work is incomparable and may be seen in some of America's most distinguished collections.
Its recognition as some of the finest in contemporary portraiture is continually attested.


Among the awards and certifications of excellence accorded him are:

Master of Photography with the Professional Photographers of America
Fellow of the American Society of Photographers
Fellow of the Institute of British Photography
Craftsman of Photography with the Professional Photographers of America
Member of the Exclusive 40-member Society of Camera Craftsmen of America
Associate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain
Distinguished Achievement Award with the Professional Photographers of California
First Recipient of Gallery Emeritus Award by President of Eastman Kodak
Instructor - Winona School of Professional Photography
Lecturer - National and State Photography Conventions

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